Crit City 8pm cat b

Wow hard work compared to what it was but if this is the right place. I was racing up a catagory last night and I was struggling but managing to hang onto the lead bunch in this race I’d already been warned at the start about category but I often race up so didnt think much… 2 laps in a get my power ratcheted down and no way could I stay with the group… Never had this happen before and as I was already one category up to my ranking I find this unfair… I’m only 40 kg and my watts/k are quite high but my power is low… I was told zwift used this data to allow super light racers to compete fairly. Really there is no way u can carry on even attempting to race if your going to do this… Thankfully jumped straight into another cat b race and no issues… (still didn’t even break the top 10)