Creative Photography Contest

It would be fun to add a weekly or monthly “Creative Photography” contest to Zwift. Zwift courses have a plethora of creative artistic elements that fashion our workouts to be fun and exploratory. It would also be a way to honor the great creative work of the graphic designers.

Hi Kris

Great idea !. I love taking “photos” when Zwifting, at least on rides when I don’t push like crazy.
There’s so many nice details in the different Zwift worlds and it would also be a kudos to the graphics designers who made all the worlds.

If we also could get a spectator/developer mode ( I’ve seen this in a video from the Zwift HQ ) enabling us to “fly” free around in the worlds ( at least on pc hardware ) it would add a hole new experience to Zwift when not actually on the bike :slightly_smiling_face: