CRASH REPORT: Bluetooth connections (video)

When it happens: After disconnecting a Bluetooth device. I use my Elite Direto for cadence and controllable and my favero assiomas for power. When I click ‘unpair’ on my assiomas after connecting them, zwift crashes 95% of the time.
Also sometimes when I click ‘unpair’ on my HR monitor (Polar OH1) it crashes.
This typically only happens in-world and not in the initial pairing screen

I run on windows 11.


I am able to unpair any device within the game without any crash. Never had this issue over the last years.

Have to unpair sometimes my girlfriends OH1 which wants to stick with my zwift instance.

What OS are you on? Do you have any other Bluetooth devices connected to your PC (if using a PC?)

Windows 11

Kickr V5, Headwind, Climb, Polar Verity Sense, Trek Speed Cadence Sensor, Sennheiser Headset

all connected via Blutooth