Converting run roads into ride roads

Would it be possible to convert Watopia’s run only roads into riding roads. Even though the roads are narrower, but they dont appear to be narrower than the roads on the KOM bypass. On the surface this would appear to be a quick way to add a few more KM’s to Watopia

As a runner I’d say no. I like the peace and tranquillity of having the pathways to myself.

It wouldn’t add a great deal to be fair. There’s only the May Field and Beach route that’s not accessible to bikes.

Given the length of the May Field it’d get tedious really quick riding round that.

Small bit of exclusive running territory in New York too.


Agree with Stuart. What I’d really like is for the existing UNUSED roads like those dirt/gravel paths visible and plotted out in Makuri Islands and France to be “unlocked” for running and/or riding.

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