Considerations for improving Zwift

  1. The App would be good if it could store a default view. I prefer to ride in First Person View, but have to set this every time I start a ride.
  2. The app is slow to respond to starting a ride, typically I am riding 20-30 seconds before the App starts to acknowledge, other Apps I have used respond far faster, if would be good if Zwift could be more responsive.
  3. It would be a nice feature to be able to turn off seeing other riders who are not in the event I am in as I find the number of other bikes ‘whizzing’ around and sometimes shooting across the screen irritating.
  4. The in App messages are a little annoying when not aligned to the App usage e.g.:
  • Rainbow Ride had a target cadence of 105 but the pop up message was telling me to hit 110, what was the correct target for the training exercise?
  • The App keeps suggesting I use a heart rate monitor, even though there is one connected and is showing my heart rate on screen.