Zwift Wish List

Lets hear the best of your wishes (not all realistic, but not impossible either!!)


1. Different pre-set rides
I’d like to be able to log in and see a group ride starting every 15 minutes or so with different ability categories. Think like online poker (see where you start the app and see a few cash games, sit and gos or ticketed tournaments. If you were to log in and you see a ride that suits your ability you could join that instead of everything being done ad-hoc by adding in “sub2” or whatever it may be after your username. There could even be things like pre-arranged Time Trials you sign up to, perhaps starting with a rider every 5 seconds or even team time trials which the rider avatars are made the same jersey. The possibilities are endless.

2. Rollers or turbo trainer in-game before you start your ride
It would be a cool feature if instead of spawning on the roadside you joined in a set warm up area nearer to the start line on a set of virtual rollers or a trainer, then you can press a key to ride out onto the course. You could stay on the rollers for a warmup period before starting the actual ride. This would mean you don’t have to get off the bike to go to your PC and start Zwift after a warm up, and any warmup doesn’t show on your Strava ride data.

3. In Game Map
As it says, a map of the island showing the routes and maybe even their gradient red/amber/green. This could be overlay or a separate more detailed map that you can see by pressing a key (TAB?).

4. More ‘real’ routes, iconic stage finishes or total craziness
The TdF loops of Paris, Mont Ventoux, the Olympics route in London, maybe even Las Vegas strip, Times Square or a Chilean mountain death road - again the possibilities are endless.  Richmond and Watopia are great but greater expansion of the visual side would keep it fresh for everyone and help compete with the syncd video/gpx data apps some others use for the reality.

5. Rolling Starts when joining another rider.

When you join a rider it would be nice if you had a 5 second lead in so that your avatar is following whoever it is you want to follow then you can get up to speed rather than having to catch them from a standing start.

  1. Pretty sure that will be part of the rides module out in the next few weeks.


  1. Riding virtual turbo trainer while I’m riding a turbo trainer? Urgh, no.


  1. Yes, it’s easy to get turned around and lose your orientation on the island, a rolling map would be excellent.


  1. There’s the Mountain Route coming, if they keep adding and adding and adding to Watopia I’ll be happy.


  1. Yes; been asked for, for ages!

> 2. Riding virtual turbo trainer while I’m riding a turbo trainer? Urgh, no.

How about a mobile app that simulates a turbo-trainer while you’re on a real ride? 

(sorry, I couldn’t resist)


#2 is super critical for group riding, anyone riding a trainer that is driven from tire contact e.g. Computrainer will have their wattage underreported for several minutes if they are forced to do a cold start. Adding the ability to spin but not move until you explicitly start via the phone app, would totally resolve this.

#2 laughed out of the park - but nice to see it is now in the game before the group rides :stuck_out_tongue:


Would still love to see more pre-set rides, time trials or even team time trials. 

#4 - Would love to see more, sure, but would have to balance out “splitting the group” as it were. It’s nice to know there are always going to be people riding with you versus riding a lonely course with 1 other person.

#5 - Working on making this better for sure :slight_smile:

I wish for a metronome type ticking sound during cadence-based workouts, so one can stay the rhythm.

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