Connecting the Companion App to Life Fitness IC5

Hi Dan, I too am purchasing an used IC6. Non version 2 TFT, were you successful with Zwift on your older IC6? The one I’m purchasing is 2017. Please advise, thanks in advance for your help.

If I want to connect Life Fitness IC8 to Strava, should I take the extra long way and connect it to the Companion App and then transfer to Strava from the Companion App? There does not seem to be any way to connect the ICG app directly to Strava…

I have an IC5 bricked flywheel bike. I got the usb dongle and cable and plugged it into the apple tv and it won’t seem to connect. can you post a link to your accessory that you used so I can get the exact one?

The ICG app will ask you in the settings if you want to connect to strava

Hi Stephan
I’m interested in your comment because I have a little problem for which you could help me probably.
I’ve an ic 7. Zwift can detect my bike but power and cadence informations are not transmitted.
What is for you the wattrate’s home screen?

I’m not sure if the IC7 has the same computer, but if it has it should work.
The “home” screen of the wattrat for me is the screen that comes up after it finishes booting. Then you can connect
your bluetooth devices (e.g. zwift). Important to know is also that the bike won’t start sending data until you actually
start a “Watt Training” session. If that session is running you should receive data on the connected devices.

Thank you for your answer.
It’s actually what I do but it doesn’t work…
I open a Watt training session, I start pedaling but cadence and power stay always at 0 on zwift.
I’ve even tried during a ftp session but nothing more
If you have an other idea…I would be grateful…:pray:

Hi Edouard, we just bought an IC5 (late 2017 model, very low usage ex-gym) a few days ago. This has the older WattRate 1.0 computer. Does your IC7 have the older computer (bit more of a basic monochrome display with a single LED for the coach by colour), or the new WattRate 2.0? I set up the IC5 (with WattRate 1.0) to work with Zwift today with no probs at all. You just need a USB Ant+ receiver for your PC/laptop (just search on Amazon for them, they are 10-15 GBP). After that Zwift picks up power and cadence no problem. I use a chest strap connected to my Garmin watch, and that transmits HR to Zwift, too. You just start an indoor ride going with that - you can discard it at the end so you don’t double upload if you have Zwift linked too.

The only problem I have so far is the Watts seem quite ‘mean’; quite a big effort to get up towards 200W. Compared to other stuff I’ve used it seems a bit low…but I could just be more out of shape than I thought. I’ve done the brake calibration and offset adjustments…so I guess we’ll see how it goes. I’m not too bothered about winning races, so as long as the Watts stays comparable then I’ll be able to measure my progress.


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Thank you Jon for this explicit answer!
I’ve the 2.0 Wattrate.
Look at the picture joined.
My bike is detected by zwift in a bluetooth connection but all the levels stay at 0 despite my efforts
Do you think that a USB ant + will resolve that?
(In fact I can’t join the picture here. Here’s my phone +33621518715. If you want we can continue on WhatsApp and I’ll show you the picture)

Jon you are star! That will save me £330 for new 2.0 screen on my IC7. Thank you ever so much!!! Could you please recommend the ant+ dongle for laptop please. One more - do you know if I will be able to link my Apple Watch 6 with ZWIFT /laptop? For HR? Or need to purchase chest HR strap what connect to wattrate 1.0 and then through dongle /laptop to ZWIFT?
Thank you Greg

No problem, Greg! The one I bought is a ‘KINOEE USB ANT+’ on Amazon (links are not allowed here).

I paid a little extra as I wanted quick delivery, but I think they are all the same thing with slightly different Chinese branding.

I honestly don’t know about the Apple Watch 6 for HR, as it is not Ant+, and I don’t think wearables transmit HR via bluetooth (as least, not commonly). In my case, in the Garmin ecosystem, my watch HR just connected directly to the laptop due to the Ant+ dongle. It appears as ‘wrist HR’ but, on the Garmin side, the chest strap automatically supplants the optical wrist sensor when it is connected. I have to use a HR strap on my 735XT as the optical wrist HR is erratic for static exercise like indoor cycling or rowing, though is fairly accurate with running. My HR strap doesn’t connect to the WattRate computer in my case (maybe 'cos it’s Garmin specific, or perhaps the watch is grabbing it before the WattRate can do so as it is one connection at a time). It looks like you have to go for a Polar or Bluetooth HR strap for the WattRate computer; hopefully then that will bounce that on via Ant+ to Zwift and, after all, they aren’t very expensive.


Edouard, sorry, I missed your reply. From what I’ve read the 2.0 should just work! The fact it is connecting OK but not transmitting is a little bit strange. Have you tried on an Android device as well as a PC? I would contact ICG and see if there is a firmware update available as I understand this is straightforward on the 2.0. I think an Ant+ stick, as above, would solve the problem too, but it’s up to you whether you want to spend a little more, having already paid a lot for the bike. The Ant+ stick is just not quite as convenient for all setups, from what I’ve read.


Absolute legend! Thank you so much mate for reply. I’ve just ordered ant+ dongle from Amazon TAOPE as I can have it delivered today😀
Could you please guide me how to connect it step by step?
Dongle into laptop - laptop to ZWIFT website - ZWIFT will read my IC7 wattrate 1.0 computer via ant+ dongle and it will show into ZWIFT - then hdmi to tv and if we go am I right? Please tell me if anything is different. Thank you for advises you have really helped me a lot by this suggestion- I was just about to ring lifefitness to order 2.0 computer :joy: regarding chest hr strap I just need to look for ant+ one? That way it will connect to wattrate directly and all things will upload to ZWIFT ?
Thank you Jon

No probs but I am a complete noob at this :joy:

Your hooking up sounds spot on to me, it’s exactly what I did apart from laptop to the Zwift app (not website). Just start a ‘quick ride’ or whatever it is on the bike, the one where you don’t need to faff around connecting to the ICG app. You have to be in reasonably close proximity to the computer/dongle as the range is not great, hence I’ve seen people recommend using a USB extension cable if you get connection dropouts.

Regarding the chest strap, I think it depends which way you want to go, if you are happy just to use Ant+/Zwift and aren’t bothered about connecting to the bike & ICG app, then that’ll work fine. If you want to it to connect to the bike itself you’ll need a bluetooth one. I think a lot of them do both, so perhaps no big issue. You might find your Apple watch connects today, too…worth asking Zwift if it can see it.

Looking forward to coming last in my first (D) crit later :rofl:


Hi Jon
Finally after few attempts I got ZWIFT installed , dongle arrived but for some reason I can’t pair dongle with wattrate 1 - ZWIFT is searching all the time and nothing is found. Do I need to install any drivers for ant+ dongle to my win10 laptop before I can use it? Please help with setting it this up :triumph: