Connecting Bluetooth Keyboard Crashes Zwift

I’m running zwift on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Recently bought a case that included a bluetooth keyboard, and turns out it has a feature if idle for 15 minutes, it goes to “sleep” mode and drops the bluetooth connection. You can wake it up by pressing any button but doing causes zwift to crash. Similarly, if I turn on or off the keyboard while in a ride, zwift crashes.

I also use a bluetooth speaker and I can turn that on and off to my heart’s delight, and Zwift is fine with it. Seems like it’s only with input devices, not output/audio devices?

Keyboard shortcuts for camera angles and gestures don’t seem to work in Android so there’s not much use for a keyboard during Zwift anyway, but would be great if this crashing issue could be fixed and keyboard shortcuts could be enabled to make it more like the PC experience.

Read a response on this few months back as I have the same issue.

Bluetooth keyboards on Zwift via android is not fully compatible - shortcut keys don’t work, but you can type text in the in-game chat window when opened.

Hopefully this gets resolved as I miss my keyboard shortcuts.

Agreed! I was disappointed to discover this.