Connect Cycling Analytics

Possibility to Connect Cycling Analytics in MyZwift (like Strava and TP) for direct upload

Yes, I’d really like to see a direct upload to Cycling Analytics too; it would be incredibly useful.

Yes please. 

That would be a really nice feature.


This would save me a ton of time and inconvenience, especially because I’m about to stop using Strava because of the big uptick in spam accounts.

Yes, please

This would save me a ton of time with my clients and myself!  YES PLEASE!

yes, great

This would save me a ton of time with my coach and myself! YES PLEASE!

Actively moving away from Strava since the feed changes and would much prefer auto-upload to Cycling Analytics.

Yes please add the function, way much easy to sync.

Yes please. As quick as the Cycling Analytics import is, an automatic sync would be great.

Hey Zwift – this is now getting some serious traction, and it would be great if it could be implemented. I honestly can’t believe it’s hard to do; Wahoo, for example, put it into their Elemnt app only a couple of months after it was first requested. CA’s API is well documented … Please, please add this – it’ll be so handy for the AppleTV version! Many thanks – All of us happy Zwift and CA users.

Yes please!



yes please, would be very useful

Yes, please add this as soon as possible. Thanks!

Yes, please.