Connect Cycling Analytics

(# velociped77) #1

Possibility to Connect Cycling Analytics in MyZwift (like Strava and TP) for direct upload

(Mark Phillips) #2

Yes, I’d really like to see a direct upload to Cycling Analytics too; it would be incredibly useful.

(M Miach) #3

Yes please. 

(Dion Aker (X) WBR) #4

That would be a really nice feature.

(Nicola Cardaci) #5


(D Rewbacca) #6

This would save me a ton of time and inconvenience, especially because I’m about to stop using Strava because of the big uptick in spam accounts.

(Christian Breda) #7

Yes, please

(Aaron Nelson - Jelly and Jam Racing/Bicycle Heaven | PVA) #8

This would save me a ton of time with my clients and myself!  YES PLEASE!

(Maurizio Carletti) #9

yes, great

(Jeffrey Watson (BH / PVA)) #10

This would save me a ton of time with my coach and myself! YES PLEASE!

(Andrew Ebling TVS) #11

Actively moving away from Strava since the feed changes and would much prefer auto-upload to Cycling Analytics.

(Dr Hongzhi Mo) #12

Yes please add the function, way much easy to sync.

(Mike Ames) #13

Yes please. As quick as the Cycling Analytics import is, an automatic sync would be great.

(Mark Phillips) #14

Hey Zwift – this is now getting some serious traction, and it would be great if it could be implemented. I honestly can’t believe it’s hard to do; Wahoo, for example, put it into their Elemnt app only a couple of months after it was first requested. CA’s API is well documented … Please, please add this – it’ll be so handy for the AppleTV version! Many thanks – All of us happy Zwift and CA users.

(Hendra Wibowo) #15

Yes please!

(Chris Evans) #16


(Rich Allen) #17


(B Hindyou) #18

yes please, would be very useful

(Danny Jacobs) #19

Yes, please add this as soon as possible. Thanks!

(Dan Giovani) #20

Yes, please.