Comparison with Other virtual reality cycling software

(L Read) #1

I have used Netathlon and TourDegiro with my Computrainer. Both are computer animated online virtual reality cycling pc platforms.

I will rank each in order best to worse in the categories below:

Graphics – Zwift, Netathlon, TDG. Zwift wins by a mile here.

Connectivity ease/reliability - Zwift, TDG, Netathlon. Zwift wins by a bike length from TDG with Netathlon dropped. Netahlon has relatively frequent server issues.

The ride feel (hills, drafting, smoothness) - Netathlon, Zwift, TDG. Netathlon feels the smoothest and most realistic with hills and drafting. Zwift and TDG are a few bike lengths behind here. The resistance to watts/speed ratio are not quite right with the last 2- the feel in the hills and draft are unrealistic.

(L Read) #2

AI behavior- Netathlon, TDG, Zwift. Netathlon has adaptive AI riders . You can also set them to constant power, speed. Adaptive AI’s act almost like real riders - very useful. TDG AI’s seem to just take off and if you’re not ready, they’re gone. Zwift AI’s are simplistic. Not sure how they are programmed at this point.

I do realize that Zwift is only in Beta. These are just some goals to shoot for.

(inseguitori SD) #3

I also agree the drafting isn’t that realistic on Zwift. I should feel easier when you’re drafting someone