Companion App not scaling to iPad

(Robert Bennett šŸš€) #1


Previously the iPad app used to scale to the full size of the screen on my iPad. Since I updated to 12.0.1 it now seems like its scaled for mobile instead, black bars down both sides. Is there a way to fix this or is this something Iā€™m stuck with?

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Robert, sorry to hear that! Have you tried completely shutting down your iPad then turning it back on to check if the display issue still exists?

(Robert Bennett šŸš€) #3

Hi Vincent.
I tried that this morning, I also Uninstalled and reinstalled the App.
My iPad is one of the newer Model MP2J2X/A

Garmin Connect is doing the same thing It seems something about 12.0.1 making it be a mobile app from the little Googling I did