Companion App for iPad

Would be nice if Companion App gets iPad connectivity (full screen for example)!!!

What do you mean? I have the ZCA installed on an iPad and it’s full screen.

ZCA on an iPad isn’t full screen, it’s just the iPhone app which can be enlarged to take up most of the tablet screen.

Yes landscape companion app on iPad + a proper event search and signup system!!

Do you?

I just installed it and I get this:

The “expand” button in the lower right doesn’t do anything useful. It just zooms the app so you get a pixelated version of the Companion screen.

It’s disappointing. I was expecting something that filled my iPad’s screen.

Not anymore, it used to be full screen.

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Oh, it’s gone backwards? :frowning:


Mr. Zwift,
Second this. Please make a table specific (iPad and Android) version of the companion app…

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Yes please!!