Compan app

Hi all is it possible to turn off the progress bar that moves along the bottom of the screen ? I"m using the Zwift hub if that makes any difference many thanks

Are you talking about the graph that shows power and heart rate that moves across the bottom of the Zwift app itself, or something within the Companion app?

Hi moves across the app at the bottom key’s on keyboard don’t seem to make a difference

But are you talking about the Zwift app, or the Zwift Companion app? The behavior sounds like the power graph in the Zwift app, but you wrote ‘Compan app’ in the subject of this thread, so I am trying to understand to what, exactly, you are referring. If you are referring to the power graph in the Zwift app itself, the ‘G’ key should turn it off (and on), or you can use the in-game action menu.

Take a look at this:

Hi its the Zwift app thanks for the link and info now I’ll get it sorted ! :+1: