Club Membership/Users

Is there any thoughts of creating a Club/Group account that would allow multiple users for a set fee? Our cycling club (for children) run a rollers session once a week and I thought the use of Zwift would be an excellent tool to help motivate, improve and track performance.

Currently it would only really work if all the riders had a Zwift account and its not fair to ask parents to sign up their children to the monthly subscription.

Kids under the age of 16 are free if the parent is a paying member:

I support this idea. I used to coach at a local Go-Ride cycling club (6-16 year olds) in Lancaster. Over the winter it’s common for the club to put on roller and trainer sessions, and it’d be great to enable the kids to use Zwift.

While there is the under-16 provision if a parent is a paying member, my experience shows that in reality many parents of kids in such clubs are not only not Zwift subscribers, but in many cases not cyclists themselves at all.