Club kit design possible

I hope that it will be developed that every club can get a club kit designed. It means a lot to us to show which group we come from and can cooperate much more.

This is already possible, I have several club kits, if i were you I’d inquire on a club chat for the club for which you require kit

I heard that the ability to create new design is not able any longer ?

Club kit design was possible at some point in the past with early clubs, but is suspended right now. A lot of people want this possibility, there’s a thread about it somewhere.

We’re adding new kits currently, for clubs over 6 months old and with over 100 members.

It is a long waiting list presently, but we’re hoping to get through them over the coming months (may be several).


I am happy to gear that. Thank you.

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I meant. I am happy to hear that. Great.

Excellent! Thank you for the news James :slight_smile:

And idea about when that’ll filter down to 20ish member clubs? :wink:

I wouldn’t hold your breath Tom.

I’d start looking at a hostile takeover of other clubs.

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