Club Event History

I am the owner of a club (LBCz - 73 members). This club exists as an extension of our real life club: Louisville Bicycle Club. We have been enjoying club events on Zwift now for over a year and love that it is a feature set that Zwift is providing especially in those winder months.

As a developer I am interested if there any exposed API’s to pull data from Zwift Club Events. Recent our real life club has started including our official Zwift club rides into our overall club ride statistics that we maintain for our members. Historically, I record these in an excel sheet by manually pulling data off of Strava and then passing this onto our statistician. I was wondering if there is a way to pull data directly from Zwift for club events detailing items such as event name, datetime, a list of participants and their associated event mileage as txt, xml, Json whatever.


There is probably a way to do this on Zwiftpower, but I don’t recall how to get your club event entered on Zwiftpower so it captures everyone’s data. Then you can export the data in a spreadsheet I believe.

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best idea would be to add your event to zwiftpower then assuming everyone is registered for zwiftpower sharing it would appear.

put the event id in here ZwiftPower - Login

There is a semi public zwift API as well but i don’t know much about that.