Club communication

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I would love to see a feature to communicate with club mates from the clubs UI within the companion app. I think maybe a message board, forum, or club chat of some sort would be great. It would allow for a way that club members could voice demand for certain events and communicate with club managers about upcoming challenges or even IRL activity.


Yes club chat in companion is coming up next. Stay tuned. :ride_on:


I like this idea. Especially an easy way to get a message out to the group. Good to hear it is in an upcoming release.

Another twist to this would to join a Facebook Group or Twitter Feed and “push” the message to the other social media.

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A club is in my opinion also a place and opportunity to really talk to each other. Athlete to athlete and coach to athlete (and sometimes coach to coach). Are there any plans to integrate voice communications in clubs? Or is this way off topic and is a setup in conjunction with a voice service like Mumble (and Murmur server) the way to go?