Club Activity List

Recently joined a club, but my activies since joining are not showing in the club activities for some reason. Can’t seem to find any option in zwift with the new layout to select your club before you start a ride. Am i missing something? Any help or ideas would be appreciated


Same is happening to me… I have checked all settings. I am in only one club yet my rides will not show.

It’s supposed to show in a drop down menu one you click on the globe icon and you get a list of routes to choose from. Nothing shows up for me but the unusual thing is that it was working until 3 weeks ago

Yeah exactly the same as me, i’m in just one club. It looks like there used to be an active club drop down menu on the old zwift interface before you started a ride. Can’t find anything on the new interface though, so no idea how you are meant to do it :neutral_face:

Exactly the same problem here! If/when you find out… please let me in on the secret!

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Hey @Matt_Walsha & @Tamara_Christina!

Thanks for flagging, I’ve created a new topic in the clubs forum page dedicated to clubs discussions, ideas, feature requests & issues.

We are providing monthly updates on the status of clubs, what we are working on and plans for the future, here is the latest post.

I’ll follow up in the new thread about the club activity issue you’ve ran into.