Club activities list

Am I missing something or what?
I created a club for our team and I see all the activities of the clubmembers in the list, all but my own.

Why are the activities of the club-owner not presented in the activities-list?
Is there an option I’ve missed?
Or do all members (including the owner) see all activities , exept there own?


Hi @Gi_Go, welcome to the forums!

I see my activities in the club that I own, so it is not restricted at all. How many clubs are you a member of, more than one? On the Zwift game’s main screen where you choose the route and world you want to ride, there is a club drop down list towards the bottom. If you have a different club selected there then your rides won’t show up in the activities for different clubs.

thanks Mike, that’s the option I missed, searched for it in the companion app, not in the main app.