Climbing VS collecting the gift points

Is it only me or it is a true fact?

I like mostly climbing. Therefore I rarely do flat circuits. However, this week I ended up doing a London Pretzel, basically flat and realized that because of my speed, mileage was cumulating way faster and I was collecting much more gift points than my traditional climbing rides.

If my finding is accurate then I think that there would be a lack of fairness and the climbing lovers like me end up being penalized by the program because climbing is done at lower speed. Needless to say that when I climb my effort level is greater than this week’s flat ride. And I think that this effort should be rewarded the same.

To the Zwift programmers, please confirm if I am right, or out in the left field…

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XP is gained by distance ridden:

1 km is worth 20 points

1 mile is worth 30 points.

A few people have suggested the some extra XP should be given by elevation gained as well. 

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Totally, maybe 10meters 10points, or 1 meter 1 point. So a 1:1 ratio.

Should points be lowered or subtracted for descents?  Whether you like lumpy or flat, it all evens out.  Just ride!

Hi Joe,

In theory, you are right: What goes up should go down. However, in my case, and I am not alone, I rarely go down. Specially on Watopia, when I do the climb to the peak of the snowy mountain (my all time favorite). 

Once I am at the top, near the antenna level, I stop my workout.