Classic Routes that have the Classic experience

I just finished the Hellingen Royal Classic Race Workout and was hoping to ride on the Hellingen Steep Climb, ok maybe not that particular climb, but some cobbles would have been great, and some rain and mud, or at least dirt flying around. If you want to add a bunch of fans cheering on the climbs, that’s a bonus, but don’t break the bank! :joy:
Just give us more than asphalt of New York!!
I had some friends join me on the event/workout and it just left us all a little disappointed. Ok, I won’t lie, a lot disappointed, but we will be back. Overall, I love the game, but please make it more realistic.
Oh… also, make us slow down in the turns to have to accelerate out of them as in real world events.
Thanks for putting us in the hurt locker and oh… please check out my videos on Seagull Cyclist!! Please like and subscribe so I can build a following and show the world how you guys are the best!! :joy: