Choose where you start..!

Just for future upgrade ideas, and I am by far not a computer wiz so I don’t know what would be involved or if at all possible, but being able to start where you choose would be great. This way if you want to run up the Alpe Du Zwift you could start at the bottom and tackle just that section or over a few days complete a longer route, and more choice of running routes starting further out in the world of watopia.

It would be good to see an easy user friendly route builder so that you can build you own route, this might be available but if it is it’s not visible, desktop version of the maps for building routes and then being able to run on the App version. I would like to build one for long distance runners, all the bridges in London for example, or the actual London Marathon Route.

Future works would be to have real running events to be able to train for them at home. Lake District, Peak District, Snowdonia, and other running events, including ultras from around the world. The idea of running an event that I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to, complete in one go or would never gain entry to would be great. Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc for example would be amazing. These could be broken down into segments for people to challenge themselves also and be able to start where they left off on another day. This will keep people interested and offer more challenges.

Just some ideas for the future I understand things take time and sometimes not possible for legal or technical reasons. Just brain storming some ideas for the running community.

Cheers Team Zwift!!

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Ride On!