Changing weight

thxs all, much appreciated

Keep your accurately set in Zwift and in ZwiftPower.

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This is called “Weight Doping” and is a form of cheating on Zwift.

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i only do this for group rides , non competitive

i always have the correct weight when racing

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Find a different group then that suits what you want to do .
Dont fiddle with your weight and enter inaccurate data .
That way lies DQ’s / Ban’s and reputational damage at some point .

I’m not really sure what your question is then? You have lowered your weight and skewed your power graph so it is inaccurate. Zwift can wipe your Zwift Power profile and give you a clean slate to start over if you want, but I think you will lose all past data. Email if you want to reset everything.


thxs mike,

changing your weight will skew future w/kg results too though, so i’d suggest looking for group rides that suit you at your real weight or this will just happen again