Change Trainer Difficulty feature to function as a Gearing Selector

My understanding is that this feature is intended to allow you to compensate for high gearing / lack of fitness on hills. The problem I have is that it does this by effectively flattening them e.g. if you set it to 0% then the resitance doesn’t change when you go up or down a hill.

I’d like to get rid of it and replace it with the a gearing selector function that would work as follows -

  1. Input your IRL bike’s lowest gear ratio e.g. 39 x 23. I’ve chosen the lowest gear ratio as being able to select a gear you can actually get up a steep climb on without having to change your cassette is the benefit of this feature

  2. Select your desired lowest gear ratio e.g. 34 x 29. Valid options would vary depending on your particluar trainer’s capabilities. If you don’t want to change you ratio you would set the this to be the same as your IRL bike.

  3. Zwift will then adjust the resistance accordingly. Hills and descents would have the real gradient but the resistance you feel would vary based on the gearing you have selected and in case of very steep hills the maximum resitance your trainer is capable of.

An additional benefit would be that feature would be simple to understand and use as well as ending the endless discussion on how the current feature works