Change power on indoor bike

I’m new to zwift and using an indoor bike (BH FITNESS i.AIRMAG H9122I).
During training, I’ve understood I can update the difficulty but I can I do in sim mode ? For example when my in watopia I cannot update the difficulty. I cannot shift speeds on the bike and the “up” and “down” buttons on the bike are desactived when i’m connected to zwift.
How can I do ?

Unfortunately, many spin bikes marketed as compatible with Zwift just aren’t fully compatible and yours may be of them. Many will allow some degree of connection and data but few provide resistance control integration. Below is a list from Zwift of supported indoor bikes (I don’t think yours is on it) but only few a have a green check mark for resistance. You may want to contact Zwift support directly to see exactly how compatible your bike model is.

Are you still using the QZ app to connect to Zwift? If so, you should check if the virtual gearing feature in QZ works with your bike. If it does, you can shift gears on your phone.

yes I use the app on my iPhone. Can you explain me how to shift gears on the phone ?

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@Roberto_Viola will support you if you send him an email

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yes thanks, he already reached me out!

@DavidP can we get QZ App blocked from racing like HR2VP…this apps are cheaters heaven.

Sorry @Roberto_Viola you created a great app for riders who want to do free ride, workouts, etc. but it should be banned from racing of any kind.


Anyone can cheat even without qz. Cheating is something that I don’t want me too. So I got your point but I guess you are misunderstanding the point of qz

Oh i know that.

Hope not as in first place it was created for users with Indoor bikes that couldn’t connect to Zwift.

Anyways as i said already great app.

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I’ll see what I can do about that.

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The issue isn’t so much a QZ issue its the cheating issue. There are many many ways to cheat on Zwift and people are always looking for another way. I’m not sure there has been any evidence that QZ has been used to cheat in racing.
It’s too easy to detect for starters, by sheer nature of the app the way it connects to Zwift leaves a digital imprint on the server logs that makes its useage blatantly obvious. After all you are connecting the app to Zwift and not your equipment.

In that regards it’s easy to then stop QZ being used in racing, but what about people that legitmatlly use QZ in racing but not for the purposes of cheating but simply because it’s the only way they can connect their equipment. Not everybody has the luxury of being able to afford a smart trainer so may be using an old spin bike with the QZ app.

Don’t ban them but simply don’t allow their results to be used in competition racing.

The app at last count up has over 130k downloads so I’d say that thousands of Zwift subscribers use it as their only way to use Zwift. That’s a lot of lost revenue if you blanket ban it.
I use the app for running, initially to make my non smart treadmill to communicate with Zwift but now as the app gives me auto incline when running.

Kick the cheaters out for sure. I know Roberto is horrified at the thought of the app being used for cheating but as I said I’m not sure it is. The cheaters are too clever to get caught using something as obvious as this.

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The QZ app would not be allowed in races with powermeter requirement tag.

I expect this would be smart trainers and powermeters…i would really love when we could also get controllable as requirement same as HR.

People do use QZ with proper smart trainers, to improve resistance from low gearing. It’s probably the minority though. I would not want to enable spin bikes in hardware-enforced events.

If there is a controllable requirement, does this mean there will be a required trainer difficulty for the controllable trainers?

Please don’t block QZ at least until Zwift provides a way to adjust baseline resistance.

The goal is not to disable it for general riding. We were only talking about racing events WITH power meter as a hardware restriction. I think we can all agree that any app or device that alters power in any way should not belong in those events.


The QZ app currently enables riders with low gearing or small wheels (mountain bikes, etc.) to participate in races. Without some way to add gears or adjust baseline resistance, they just spin out.

There are SO many other ways to cheat in Zwift. Targeting this app, which actually provides some useful functionality, seems misplaced.

Maybe start by figuring out a way to block Zwift’s most infamous cheater who continues to actively blow up premier Zwift races…

Did you miss the part where he stated “races with power meter required as a hardware restriction”? He’s not talking about all races.

But yeah, maybe target all the bots first.

From 1828 Races you have 257 that Require Powermeter…so you would still have more than 1500 to participate in.

This is aside from the point I’m trying to make… For clarity: I don’t use or need the QZ app. I have a full sized bike with a reasonable set of gears and a Zwift compatible smart trainer.

But I know people who are trying to ride Zwift with low geared bikes for which there isn’t a reasonable hardware fix. The QZ app is the go-to solution at the moment. These people want to race, and some of those races already have hardware restrictions. Neither I nor the people I’m trying to help want to cheat. (And just for the record, we have only tried the QZ app in one race, working only with the virtual gears function.)

One of the more frequent topics that pops up on this forum comes from new Zwifters trying to use a mountain bike. My personal case isn’t really important. This is a common issue.

But none of this is acutally relevant.

Yes, it’s possible to cheat with the QZ app. But there are so many other ways to cheat on Zwift. Just looking at my set-up, off the top of my head I can think of half a dozen ways to cheat enough to easily move me from C to A+, none of which involve software.

Cheaters are going to cheat. Spend resources and block the QZ app and they’ll just use another method. Taking away the QZ app will have zero effect on the cheaters while hurting folks who are using it honestly.