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I took this from a Clubs screenshot on DCR’s blog:


Please could we remove the implication that power-to-weight ratio is anything to do with ability or approach to riding a bike?

I’ve been riding for 50 years. I’m an expert. I don’t have a “B” power-to-weight.

Similarly, someone riding at 2W/kg might be doing their hardest, and in no way riding “casually”.

Fully agree. Missed that when reading through DCR’s article, but yes, let’s nip this in the bud.
Everyone with basic literacy already understands the ranking relationship of A-B-C-D-E. If there are also W/kg specifications permanently attached, those descriptive labels are superfluous and even unhelpful IMO.


Like this?



This also makes it obvious that w/kg categories are not going away anytime soon. Not exciting for those of us that race.


Is that how it actually is? I’ve not seen the Club even interface, but if they’re something that’s set by the organiser, fair enough.

Still a shoddy set to put out on publicity screenshots though.


No I don’t know how it actually is setup, but I think it should be open to the orginizers to pick what they want to use each pen for. Like age groups or beginner racing or something creative.

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I do this already, I run “D” only races and the riders log into the D Cat and the ranges are defined in the Zwiftpower racing set up using the sub menu defining “Beginner Races”. The results then reflect the sub cat they end up in which again I set up in the Categories sub menu. image

Absolutely agree. This is not helping contribute to the welcoming environment that Zwift claims to be.