Category Enforcement System

Not sure how everyone feels about the new feature being developed. This is the Category Enforcement System.

I personally feel that this system takes one of the joys of racing on any category you wish. Assuming everyone consciously races the category that best fits their ability; this system takes away the freedom to race in any category. If you enjoy this feature use the Zwiftpower portal.

I think implement a new age based category would work best-40+, 50+. As you get older you don’t want to get stuck in a category you can’t compete.

The categories you can enter are based off of your actual performance, so you can compete in them.

What you are advocating for, the option to enter any category you want, is precisely the problem with the “old” system. Many people would choose a lower category so they could easily win, also called sandbagging or cheating. The new system prevents that and makes racing much more fair.


I get my *** handed to me on a plate by people 10/20 years older than me week in, week out. Do not agree with an age based system at all.

I think you will struggle to get any support on here because you’re no longer able to enter in a category below your actual one I’m afraid.


I’ve had my trainer stats reset on zwiftpower, does the cat enforcement take this into account or will it still be using invalid data from the old trainer that was over reading? I did ask in the other thread but did not get an answer

No. We currently have no way to remove dodgy data, but this is being worked on.

oky doky then

Assuming everyone consciously races the category that best fits their ability…

:joy: :joy: :rofl:


The issue is this assumption is not valid. With no category enforcement you will very often see a C capable rider in D, or a B capable rider in C etc… This is because in general it’s more fun to win than to lose, and there are only a few categories, so a pretty wide range of abilities. When a C rider races in D it makes the race less fair for all D racers in that race etc.

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There are a few groups that does do Age based Racing, look for the ZHR group masters race.

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It’s bonkers that fixing dodgy data wasn’t implementable before rolling out Category Enforcement, we cannot be the only two Zwifters with issues! :rofl:

Pause your current subscription account, create another to use until dodgy data is out of the 60 day window? You will quickly get assigned out of A in the new account if your new data shows you aren’t an A, simply do a legit 8min+ interval, in freeride/workout/race and you won’t have to wait long for any re-assignment. :wink:

Thanks, this is suppose to be fun! I shouldn’t have to go through that

Define fun for us…

Not very active are you; that may explain your category assignment.

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Is no fun racing by yourself, if you’re forced to race at a higher pace and be dropped.

Are you being forced to race A cat?

I’m not on Zwiftpower any longer for the very reason that is too competitive for my taste.

On cat B, not A. C is my comfort level, top 10% finishes and always at a pace I can enjoy.

So you want to race, but the race cant be to difficult, and you still want to be in the top 10% of the finishers?

You understand that’s not really how racing works?


Yet more inadvertent validation of the new system.


You should check out all the C pace group rides, or the pace partners. No competition and at the pace you like.

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