Category Enforcement - How is my category calculated? [February 2022]

It was Category enforced event and before the event I was in Category C otherwise I could not enter the event in Category C, like I couldn’t not enter Category D at the time before the event.

When you’re DQ-ed with the code “ZP” it means you were riding with zPower (Zwift’s calculation of power based on speed and cadence) which means you did not have any power measurement. In some series that’s allowed, in some series it isn’t (because it’s usually very inaccurate). So it’s not about which category you chose.

The event creator knows what I use and in the past had fix the ZP problem up, but this time Tim decided not to.

The event creator (s) should be forced to communicate in the companion app if the event is only power metre event example of this is like this:

FWIW I think you have a couple of good points.

Hardware requirements should be published before any event and punishment/DQs shouldn’t be applied if you’ve met the entry requirements and other rules.

Category Enforcement shouldn’t let you enter an event in the wrong category if you have already recorded figures showing you are too fast/powerful.

If your repeated posting about these failures is an attempt to get these matters fixed for the future then I think you are correct in taking it up with the developers and event organizers and you have the right to a full explanation.

However, your approach has been needlessly aggressive from the start, is now coming across as spamming, and it would probably be best for you and for the community if you let this one occasion go.

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All I’m seeking is if a creator(s) of event set the rules up and display them via the companion app and then the rules should be applied.

The creator(s) of the event should fix Any errors or if not Zwift or Zwift power team should step in and see if the rules applied equally to everyone.

If mistakes or errors then the Zwift staff should fix the errors.
Side note people normally do not look at Zwift power for the rules, they look at Zwift companion app and so for the rules should be posted there.

If the next Thursday at 7pm The chop ride rules says it needs to have power metre to ride the event it should be display.

Here what is displayed at the moment:

See it doesn’t communicate you need a power metre to ride this event.


i noticed this yesterday also for my event that now it’s not showing all requirments in Companion APP.
I hope check @James_Zwift can check why this happened?

On Companion and webpage it says we only use Category enforcement but we also have Hardware and Heart Rate Requirment.



That’s odd - I found the event by filtering for evernts that use hardware requirements but like you say, it doesn’t show the requirement on the list.

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Fixed now Dejan.


Thank you

There are two ways that organizers can manage the inaccuracy of zPower in their events:

  1. They can use ZwiftPower to exclude zPower riders from results, or winning. In this case the zPower rider can enjoy the race but they’ll be filtered from the results.
  2. They can use pen enforcement to exclude zPower riders from entering the race at all. This is what you see in the companion app when it says a power meter is required.

Organizers should provide information in the event description when they plan to use ZwiftPower to exclude zPower riders from the results, but the Companion app doesn’t have features to display this information unless it’s written in the description text. Unfortunately not all organizers do this.

If you want to argue that all races that exclude zPower riders from results should instead ban them from the race entirely, I don’t have a problem with that, but it would have the effect of excluding zPower riders from the majority of races. I believe that Zwift and community organizers take a more generous view, believing that those riders should not be entirely kicked out of racing - they should be able to enter and enjoy the race, but since their power numbers are meaningless, there’s no point in having them in the results.


If the event has any requirements to enter an event, like the following:

  • heart rate monitor
  • power metre

These requirements should be display in the companion app, like in the example:

If rule’s are not displayed in the companion app and if there is an dispute about the outcome of the event for example person uses zpower and then event holder says it power metre event and then Zwift staff should look at the rules that was display on Zwift companion app.

Does the event say on the Zwift Companion app at the time requirements of Power metre:

If yes:
If it ZP outcome and the outcome stands

If no:

The Zwift staff chances the outcome of the event by removing the ZP outcome.

That’s not what those icons mean. If you see that icon it means you can’t enter the race at all if you don’t have a power meter.

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Event holders should not be using zp beacuse they think an user should been riding in higher category and should be using Caterogy enforced rule.

If they use Caterogy enforced rule and the use goes in Category they allow and event holder still thinks the rider should ride in higher Caterogy then again should not be allowed to use zp as an outcome.

End of the day event holders really do not wish zp riders in the event and then display it on the Zwift companion app.

This not hard to do and reduce the problems of ZP outcomes.

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Im not one to suggest there is some quirks in the system, but

ZFTP - 268w
Weight - 82kg
WKG - 3.26wkg

Cat C rider


ZFTP 261w
weight 82
WKG: 3.18

Cat B rider

Im not sure thats how it should work or appear to the end user - CP/ZFTP goes down & available Cat goes up?

zMAP estimated (not actual data) to be >4.2W/Kg?

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Ah it is… I thought zmap & vo2 was removed from the calculation? Or was it just vo2?

just the vo2 i think

Just VO2 I think.

I had no idea zMAP was a modelled figure rather than actual performance until recently.

ZMap has gone up 25w but CP reduced by 8…

ZMap is probably accurate… CP probably under reporting.

It was just the visual and logic of one going down whilst category available going up.

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