Category Enforcement - How is my category calculated? [February 2022]

I think there’s already self-selection going on who’s joining races though. Look at eg. most D races, and 90% of entrants are typically 2-2.5 wkg. Very few under 2.0 enter in the first place. Same in other cats? (ie. bottom half of the spectrum doesn’t bother to enter)? Changing the borders for cats here and there is helpful, but I think this is more due to you getting different racers entering, rather than changing the placements of the riders who used to enter.

No my competitive nature want pens. My mind will tell me don’t worry that is a Cat A racer don’t chase.

I can’t motivate my self to go as hard in a open race vs a split field.

that is why most sport have different levels.

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Different strokes, different folks… but doesn’t that same competitive nature want you to beat that A?

O I would love to beat a A rider. But as I said I would like to “have fun” during the race that mean playing tactics like trying a break or hanging in for a sprint, with open races there is non of that, you just find a group you can hang with wait to the end and pretend sprint.

But yes different strokes. You are lucky in that what you want is already there. We are now working on something that we can enjoy.

Not sure races are meant to be fun, fun isn’t going balls out to try to win for x minutes

But I’m sure we all have a different definition of fun

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I think we are at cross paths then - very few competitive races people get to have fun… Hammer or nail… Only the hammer will enjoy and not always.
Though, I bet sandbaggers or cruisers would often say they have fun in a race (that’s not dig btw)

To have what you want is a change to game physics, that is a completely separate conversation to this one (one I’m in agreement with tbf)


That is why I said “Fun” yes it is all out with tactics and some skill and luck. Races should not be a FTP test.

Edit: The fun part is trying a crazy move and beat someone or rolling the dice and let the break go.

Case in point, Zwift Rebel Race next up… 2 riders out of 13 with sub 2.0 wkg, when the cat is 1-2.5. Basically the bottom 2/3rds of the Cat don’t bother to enter.

Moving the line between cats, just will yield different people choosing to race.

Why not think about Zwift’s CdA?
This gives the rider a handicap. Is this fair?
Perhaps Zwift doesn’t have the ability to change the CdA calculation. But they proved that the category calculations can be changed.

What is wrong with the cda, it doesn’t have any impact on the CE calculation.

(I’m sorry, I edited it.)
We cannot ride at the same speed with the same effort.
Competing with opponents with completely different speeds cannot be called a race.
So it needs to be included in the category threshold.
Is my idea wrong?

Can someone please refresh my memory (I’m sure I read something about this yesterday, but I’ve search and searched etc. and for the life of me can’t find it again).

What’s the current CE policy for women i.e women-only versus mixed races?

Here you go :+1:

Plus a little more in the OP:

Random idea: A lazy solution can be just to do mass start and divide the results in four categories. Those on the border between current categories will ‘podium’ sometimes and be last at others. You don’t need variable pens on metrics to do this. If in a field of 80 someone is willing to loose places to ‘podium’, no one will be bothered by it. Should work for non league races and you’ll know who you are racing.

Won’t be a huge fan of it myself but might not be worse than current setup.

Brilliant, that first post is the one I thought I remembered. Thanks.

I thought senility was setting in :grin:

Hi Zwifters,

seems I got excluded from SZR Crit Crusher Cat C due to my power data (“category enforcement”)… that is very strange and must be an error.

  1. I am C in Zwiftpower and well below the limits.

  2. There is another rider in the same race (today 17:30 CET) who is B in Zwiftpower but starts in C, and all his stats are higher than mine, as well in W/kg, and even more in Watts, as he is heavier than me (which gives another advantage in Crit style races).

Can anyone explain? Or is it because I won one of the five races so far?
I improved over the last weeks (overcame leukemia in winter) and had a good climb in Innsbruck (ZRL series all out), but also then still below cat C limits.

An answer would be nice as the race is in 9h and 30min.

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In short, Category Enforcement (CE) is different than ZP in how categories are decided.

Here’s a good one for ya.

Just heard that WTRL and/or Zwift are allowing all the riders who were DQ’d in ZRL race 6 (for code 7 violations) to take part in the semi-finals. So despite allowing people a leeway of +0.2 w/kg in the race, those that exceeded it and were DQd are now allowed back in.

What an absolute joke/shambles.

BTW, I realise ZRL isn’t a CE event but this is an example of how they need to grow a pair and stick with the advertized cat boundaries.


Don´t get me wrong, the general idea of cat enforcement ist good, but if a rider that is obviously much stronger than me in all apects is rated lower than me the algorithm is bullshit. It would simply mean to avoid any cat enforcement event to avoid frustration.
The simple 20min W/kg rule is also not the best but at least it can be understood and sandbaggers can be identified.
I would not care if it was a one time event, but it is part of a series where I fight for the podium.

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Unlikely to be an error. I’m a B under CE format and you have higher 5 and 20min numbers than mine.

Looks like your ZRL effort the other day (20min/3.4wkg) wont have helped you stay in C under CE format.