Cat D Racing

So how do we start a massive push to get rid of the ladies only E category and change everything to cross gender - after all, if you’re putting out 3w/kg, what does it matter??? - and make D 1.8 → 2.4 and E < 1.8. Then, in my opinion, you would eliminate all of the complaining. I would stop even though I’d probably be at the back of the E but at least I would feel like I could push myself to stay close - compared to the hour behind I was on yesterday’s race.

The E category isn’t only for ladies.

The only thing it is used for from a Category Enforcement point of view, is that that is the category people enter when we don’t have any 60 day data for them.

Except there’s evidently an ability for a race organizer to use CE, but only have 1 cat available – eg. the Herd Beginner race series. There is no E available for this. Does this mean overall that having an E cat is optional? Or in the example provided, if you don’t have 60-day data are you prohibited from racing that race?

optional but it’s only used for one thing to put in uncategorised riders
CE uses fixed cat boundaries that cannot be changed and ZHQ are not interested in making that feature available so a CE D will always be 0 to 2.5

I think if you don’t enable e pen then you are free to enter any pen you want if you are uncategorised under CE

D rider here, I’ve been on Zwift for about 3.5 years. Most of that time I’ve been mid- to high D, in my best shape and slightly lower weight I raced low C, working back up to that now but have a ways to go.

The thing for me about racing is that while I enjoy it, there’s not a lot of room in my schedule for it. I usually get 3-4 rides in per week … but if there’s a monthly event like Makuri Islands that’s 1-2 rides per week. This is my first season of ZRL so that’s once per week. We do one practice/communication ride per week … and that’s 3-4 rides.

On top of that is knowing that in some percentage of races I’ll be in the D pen with some Cs and Bs and have to wait for the ZP results - it’s a decent compromise given how people will game systems but it’s not as good as being able to race against only Ds, since there’s almost always a pack of fliers that belongs in a different group.

And I have the advantage of being more likely to see a podium (I have two! one from when there were more than three Ds!); for the folks in D who end up well behind me, I can see it being even less appealing. While longer races don’t necessarily chase me away, I could see them being an issue for lower Ds.

I feel like it’ll be hard to get mid- to low Ds into races with people twice their w/kg. Until Zwift has the ability to break out D in whatever fashion - D1/D2/D3 or D/E/F/G - I’m not sure what more you can do. I appreciate the efforts of all those who try to make us welcome in the racing world!


Dave - The D subcategories is what we’re doing with Herd Beginner Racing, but we can only do it on ZwiftPower afterwards. Everyone in the pen is a Category Enforcement D, and will be sorted afterwards by 20min power.

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I’d start by avoiding any race that still users ZP Cats.

Cat enforcement restricts the really over powered riders from entering the pen. You still will get some strong d or returning/new riders that get promoted after once race but you should get a good standard of races if you can pick out the busy races.

There are also other events like the Thursday TTT and things like chase races where there is less incentive to be attacking all the time.

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Finally had a window to do one of those today - loved it! It was nice to be able to hang with the front pack for a good bit. Looks like I’m just off the podium in F, which feels about right. Hoping to work my way farther up this winter.