Cat D Racing

Fondos in Zwift are categorized as Group Rides. Some people treat them like races but they’re not Zwift races. It’s just a group ride without a leader.

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Maybe they don’t have the word “fondo” in the event names, but there appear to be about 250+ races in the calendar over the next 7 days, that have all cats starting together at the same time. Over 60 of those are over 40km in length.

Hey, @David_Sleator. Fondos on Zwift seem to be run pretty much the same way they are IRL: they are technically non-competitive events, where the goal is to finish a given course, but nearly without exception there are plenty of riders that approach them as races. But no race categorization or anything like that, which is what you’d mentioned in your post. As such you’re generally not going to find them on Zwift by filtering the events by “Race”, but rather by “Group Ride”. You’ll notice that many/most of them appear to have categories/pens (A, B, C, for example) but unlike races, those aren’t breakdowns by skill or strength, rather they’re generally different routes and course lengths. They’re often designated Grand Fondo (A, longest), Medio Fondo (B, medium-length), and Bambino Fondo (C, shortest).