Herd Beginner Racing - Cat D Races

Continuing the discussion from Cat D Racing:

I’d like to invite all D racers and everyone who’s under 2.5 w/kg CP and interested in racing to come try Herd Beginner Racing. 6 race times over the weekend, races are here:
Herd Beginner Races

See you out there!


Awesome. I didn’t see this on the HERD group FB site… you thinking of mentioning there as well?

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Yup, post going up shortly. I meant to do it sooner, but had an unexpected work trip this week.

Since Zwift added the capability recently, wondering if you’ve considered running with split CE Pens before race starts, even if you wish though for all pens/cats to start at same time and see everyone?

Hi John.

It’s been talked about - I think the issue is not really being able to decide what to categorize on. I think we’ll move to doing something with sub-categories over the next month or two.

Baby steps maybe… just 2 pens to start - eg. >2.2 wkg and <2.2wkg or somesuch?

I was thinking 2.2 was too high, thinking either 1.9 or 2.0

If you slice that too thin it gets a little silly sometimes.

I was looking at ZP results, though if you have access to see how your results would divvy up using zFTP, you may well be right. Eg. this looks pretty typical in ZP. A 2.0 cutoff would only have about 3 people in the sub 2.0 pen.

I’m not sure any of them would be in a sub-2.0 pen, remember it’s on zFTP, not the given race’s performance.

But it’s pretty demoralizing to be 25% down on sustained w/kg from the race, I’m not surprised we don’t have any racers there if we don’t have a category for it. Any racers they could just barely hang on to are just barely hanging on to the 2.6 guys…

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@Wannie ,

Category enforced zFTP subcategories for Herd Beginner Racing are go for this weekend (Thanks, Zwift Events team, aka @James_Zwift )

Categories are based on zFTP (look at your Zwift.com profile or ZwiftPower profile):
A - 2.3 - 2.7 (whatever top of D is now)
B - 1.7 - 2.3
C - <1.7

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Very cool! Maybe considering adding something extra to the title of the events so more obvious, such as “-- Split D Cats” ? Now you gotta advertise so more sub ~2.3s are aware and join.

You might want to consider adding a D cat to this, for no other reason that anyone that’s a D and uses an event finder (eg. Zwifthacks) to show results (selecting “D” as category) will not find this race. Unless Zwift (@James_Zwift ) or @Jesper_ZwiftHacks can do something else that does make these actually list and appear as D events when doing a filtered search?

If 3 pens are desired, could these be setup as B, C, and D (no A) races?

That’s an excellent point @Wannie . Will consider options moving forward.

Don’t want to shift the categories as they are down one, I don’t think.