Can't U-Turn [October 2021] [1.18.0]

Had the same experience today 19.nov 2021.
Tried to finish my last 5km closing up to 100km on my Tacx Neo 2.

  • No u-turn (Apple TV controller or iPhone)
  • Max speed 23-24 km/h doing 5-600watts or 160w
  • My avatar stopped riding in -6% descending
  • like riding with brakes on

Are you on the latest version of Zwift? You may need to check to see if the app didn’t update automatically.

Hey Nigel, I’ve checked. I have version 1.19.0 on both Apple TV and on my iPhone. Maybe this issue is not yet fixed?

Hey Jimmy, I took a look at your logs for your ride that day and I’m seeing an unusual amount of errors related to the BLE connection with your trainer.

I’m wondering if a poor connection is what’s causing the issues you described. The error is a bit generic, so it’s hard for me to identify exactly what might be wrong with the connection, but it may be a good idea to go through some of the troubleshooting steps here and/or try another connection type (either ZC as a bridge or using ANT+) and then keep an eye out to see if the problem still occurs.

Let me know how it goes!


Ran into this issue again, again on tempus fugit.