Can't change gears or get Heart Rate - Wattbike Atom

Dear Forum,
Over the past few days I have not been able to get my HR monitor to work, so changed monitor but still no joy.

Today I still couldn’t get HR to work and have another issue where my gears wont change and stuck in gear 6, using a Wattbike Atom, running of my iphone 12. which I connect to an old TV.

Have just downloaded Wattbike app and was able to change gears using that with no issue, and also turned bike off for a minute before trying again, but no joy.

Running version 1.29.

Not sure what else I can try, as only just sorted out internet issues, and hoping to joy a group ride where I can change gears and benefit from the draft.

Any help / advice most welcome.


No advice on Heart Rate Monitor I’m afraid but have you checked the battery life on your shifter batteries?

Go to options, known Wattbikes, open your wattbike, wait a few seconds and then show advanced settings


Many thanks James, changed battery and all good. Glad it was a simple fix.

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