Can swift intervals have a warning before you skip?

I’m a big fan of the workouts but I wished there was a warning for skipping over an interval ( like are you sure that you would like to move forward to the next interval) I feel that people have(me) made a mistake on just fFumbling with the remote and pressing the wrong button and then that interval is gone. Any kind of warning would be really helpful in the future.

Are you using the best way to do it? How do you manage to skip an interval using remote? I use Tab key on the keyboard if I need to skip an interval. There might be a way to do it through companion app, too, although I did not try.

The companion app has a button to skip to the next part of the workout. I do not really like the placement of this button because it is right next to the buttons to increase/decrease resistance. In my humble opinion the companion app screens (map, workout) should be improved. My suggestion would be to let the main screens (map, workout) really focus on only that. Right now you can control the resistance from the map screen, I would move that to the workout screen. As for the placement of these controls, why not integrate them into the big half circle that displays the current power output?

I’m using a AppleTV with the remote r the Companion app yet its happen a few times that I hit the button in passing to slide over to something else then I’m in the next interval. Moving the button or giving you a warning would be highly appreciated.