Can I use Polar speed and cadence sensors with Zwift on a PC?



I recently purchased Polar speed and cadence sensors in the hope to start riding in Zwift. The sensors connect to my PC fine, but I do not see them in the Zwift PC app. The sensors are advertised as “Bluetooth Smart”; not sure what standard that is

Is it just a matter of adding an ANT+ dongle? Or will the sensors not work with ANT+ and should I just return them?

(I am not interested in connecting to another kind of device: I do not own iOs, android or Mac)

(bonus question: why is it so hard to find answers to those questions, even though they appear fairly basic?)


Thanks for the help

You cannot connect you Polar directly to a PC using BLE, you would need to bright the connection with the Zwift app on a mobile device.

if the polar speed and cadence sensor is both BLE and Ant+ you can get a USB dongle for you PC and connect it that way. I don’t know if polar does Ant+ but I assume they would.


Seems they don’t :

It is painful how hard info is to gather on this. I wish Zwift would provide a basic compatibility matrix for accessories.

In the meantime, I am f***ed. I will have to try and return the sensors.