Can I save where I'm up to on a route?

Hello, I usually use Fulgaz and one of the features I like on there is that I can save the point I’ve reached on a route so that I can resume from that point the next time I ride. I’m trying out Zwift and love some of the virtual scenery, but I’m guessing it’s not possible to do the same thing? Yesterday I was just about to reach some Italian villas when I had to stop and today Zwift had that route already selected, but I seemed to be returned to the start. Does this mean I won’t get to ride past certain scenery unless I have the time and stamina to do the whole route in one go?

There is no way to save your position on a given course. You can ride routes that let you see everything over time without having to ride hundreds of kms in a single ride to see what you want to see.