Camera views

I see there are a couple of previous requests for the camera 3 view to be modified but the last topic I can find is archieved back in 2016. Is there an update on this?

Personally I would like like the camera 3 view to show a minimal cycling computer, handle bars, hands etc with the rest of the screen clear so it offers a more immersive and realistic experience. I would also like to see the view tilt and rotate up as the avatar corners as though looking further up the road.

I’d also like to see a new camera view which mixes the various view’s 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 as though someone was directing a broadcast rather than being stuck with the one view.


Why would it show handlebars and hands? When I’m on my bike I can’t see those things unless I specifically look down at them. At most they’re vaguely at the edge of my peripheral vision.

It would give you something to relate to the road, rather than an open screen (which you already have in view 3) and is widely used in first person shooter games examples.

It would also allow the screen to be decluttered but utilise key information as you would on the road.

Someone posted this previously but it’s a good example of what I’d like what you might see. As you said - I expect it would like at the edge of the screen as if it was in your peripheral vision. []

Yeah, I’ve been playing FPS games for more than 20 years, and I get your point about connecting the view to the road. I also don’t like the floating feeling which is why I use the camera 1 third person view.

Guns in FPS games work well enough because they tend to be long and it makes more sense that the barrel would encroach quite a lot.

Even when it comes to pistols, they’re held out in front of the player. There are a lot of examples of this in Overwatch for example.

But I think I’d find it jarring to have handlebars on the screen. Handlebars mean hands. Hands mean arms. It’d look odd to me to have so much visible. They’re not out in front that far on a bike, especially on a drop-handlebar road bike; and even less so in a TT position.

The GTA V example isn’t too bad in terms of how much is on screen. Rather than “handlebars” as you originally said, they really only just show the brake hoods. I think that’s quite a different proposition, and would be better overall.

But the motion in that game is erratic and unrealistic. It’d do my head in to watch that for hours! :smiley:

I don’t understand how adding more clutter to the screen declutters it.

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I use the camera 1 view most as well but I think I’d use 3 more if the view was different - if I was in a race I think it would feel more like I was racing. A bit like cockpit view or driver view in plane/car games.

I wouldn’t be looking for much to encroach onto the screen - just enough to give you some depth. If only brake hoods work best then that’s fine.

While I would like some movement it would only be in corners where the avatar leans over. I agree the motion in the GTA isn’t great - I’d probably get motion sickness if it was applied to Zwift but I was just using it as an example of how the view could be implemented.

To declutter I’d take everything off the main screen - map, xp etc and keep only the relevant power/cadence/heart rate/speed data/minimal nearest users to a “computer” at the bottom. Again I think I’d use this view most often if I was racing.

It was requested by others previously - just wondered if anything was getting done on it, as it’s something I would like to see, and I completely understand if others don’t.

The camera views haven’t changed since I joined and it seemed to me like it might be a be a relatively straightforward feature (in comparison to others) to implement which people can use or not.

My other comment about the views which cycle already happens if you “just watch” when you log in - don’t really understand why this isn’t a camera view you can access when you ride.

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