Camera view auto toggle option

Can we have the ability to select an auto toggle camera view option when riding. This would make it more interesting and provide an opportunity too view more of the world without needing to manually toggle

I asked for this feature for several years.
Don’t understand why zwift does not implement.

There is a posibility “outside” Zwift with a PC. But you have to have some passion for electronics and software. There is a small microcontroller board “Arduino pro micro” or “Arduino Leonardo”. You can emulate a Keyboard and Mouse with that.
I developed a small box with a matrix keyboard, some buttons and so on, mounted on garmin holder and connected via USB to PC. Main purpose of the box is to control a fan, PC multimedia functions and emulation of Zwift Key functions from bicycle handlebar.
Camera view auto toggle option is therefore possible by software. The view can be changed as required by button, by timer, different views …

I am a regular zwifter for 5 years.
For 5 years I am requesting for this feature on the forum. No reaction.
I do not understand why zwift does not take into account this simple query.
Because I am sure that it can added with no difficulty.


There are probably a thousand requests for things that are relatively simple. I’m not sure how zwift decide what to do but the evidence suggests they take no notice of the forums to guide what they do.