Automatically cycle through Camera Views

I would love to have the ability to automatically cycle the camera view using the same same camera logic as in the fan view. When you are climbing the Watopia Mountains there are really cool, motivating vistas; but it is a struggle to change views when you are standing on the peddles and nearing the “Puke Mode” feature.

I had exactly the same thought this morning. My 5 year old daughter was sitting watching for a while as she often does, so I was manually cycling through the views as she likes that - would be good to have an option to have it to that automatically.

good idea this

This would be a great add and hopefully not too complicated to make happen.

I would love to see this as I recorded my first race on Zwift.  After watching the video afterwards, it would’ve been great to have it change views during the ride.  I hope this actually happens.

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