Calling all seniors!

I am a senior. I am currently training for the open event of the Sprint triathlon (this will be my second year doing a tri - have done the entry tri) in July 2019. I went from running only to the triathlon because it was getting too hard on my hips to run only. So I looked at cross training and this event is the best that I can find. The purpose for me is not to win but to finish and kinda nice not to be last… Since the run is the last discipline and my weakest, I need to train more on the bike so that I have enough energy left in my legs to do a decent run. I was wondering if there are any seniors out there who are doing similar training.

I’m not a senior (yet, but getting close) and I am have done similar training the last 2 years with great success. I can now hammer on the bike and still be able to run after due to my increased training on the bike. I am an advocate of minimal run training compared to bike training (swim training is a must and should not be altered).

Thanks Paul. The swimming is the easiest of the three for me -grew up on a lake so I really love swimming in open water specially with the wetsuit. So I am on the right track - good to know.