Calibration tool: broken

Since 1.27, unable to use the calibration tool. Apple TV if that makes a difference.

I click the next button to do the detection and speed, but all I see is the number 2 and the Speedo says zero & nevertheless registered any speed. Sometimes, I get immediate “detection failed”

What trainer have you got? You should always use the trainer manufacturer’s app to calibrate. The Zwift calibration is only there as a fallback option.

Wahoo kickr

Hi @Andrew_Barnes1 ,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having connection issues along with calibration issues. For the calibration issue, it’s always suggested to use the manufacturer app as that will be the most accurate. Zwift offers the calibration in the app for those that don’t have a manufacturer app option.

Once you’ve done that, close the manufacturer app, making sure that the app is not running in the background, and that you’re trainer is not paired to any other app, or device. Then try pairing to your Apple Tv again. You can always check out our Pairing Your Devices and BLE vs ANT+ Interference Troubleshooting Tips articles. Keep in mind that the Apple Tv only allows two other connections to it as the third option is taken by the remote.

If you’re still having issues with this, reach out to us for further technical support.