Calendar sync with Zwift events

Does anyone have a good solution to schedule a Zwift event and then have the evnt show up on a Google or Outlook calendar? I’d liked to schedule more of my rides, but I’m a slave to my calendar and workout routine and I haven’t found a good way to plan, schedule, and remind myself to get on the trainer at a specific time to join an event.

What do other highly scheduled people do?


if you use the cellphone compliance app then it‘s possible to get an reminder in your calendar app.

Same thing here.
How do I connect scheduled Zwift events to personal or/and Google calendar?


Open the Companion app, join the event, in the pop up choose “add to calendar” option.

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I think “add to calendar” only appears for iOS; are you using an Apple phone? The option doesn’t seem to be there on my Android Pixel 3. Or… I’m not seeing it for some other reason… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

That is true, I can set it to give a 15, 30, 60 minute notification. I’d just like to see it on my calendar as well as I plan my day. And, have it blocked off so I don’t get scheduled for that time. Got make time to meet goals! :slight_smile:

Same here.
Apparently this is iOS feature only for the moment.

And for us lucky iOS users, is it possible to select WHICH calendar the reminder is added to? It’s picking one of my work calendars… Thanks for any info!


No there will be use the standard (default?) calendar which is set in the settings…

Thank you, and I should have checked this in Settings. I have a new phone and I guess my default calendar somehow changed when I upgraded it! Again, thanks!

I like that I can get planned activities into my calendar, but would like to be able to add them to a specific Google calendar, rather than my standard “events” one.
Anyone got any knowledge on when/if this functionality will ever appear?

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So a year later and as far as I can tell still not enabled for us poor Android types (unless I’m missing something). When I try to “Add to Calendar” I just get the annoying “You do not have any calendar accounts on this device”. Might as well say “you are a poor 2nd class person who hasn’t bought into the Apple empire so we don’t care that much”. Needs fixing as adding these to my Outlook would be v. helpful.


I just solved this problem with my Samsung droid - I was using the factory installed calendar app and was getting the “No Calendar Installed” message when I tried to save my meetups and events. I went to the App Store, installed the Google Calendar App. I restarted ZC, just to be safe and was able to save. I think that particular app is either 1) not known as a calendar app to ZC or the operating system, or 2) cannot handle .ICS files

I solved my problem with MIUI 11 (for my Xiaomi). Basically, the Zwift app will save the event in the calendar that is available by default. Most of the time, you can’t remove the default calendar or switch it to a different one. So, If you plan to use a different calendar like Google Calendar, you need to sync it with the default calendar in your app settings or as soon as you install your calendar. You might get double notifications, in which case you need to disable all notifications on the default calendar by pressing and holding the notification.

Google Pixel 5 running Zwift companion app, I do not see any option to add to a (Google) calendar after selecting an event to join. It would be very convenient to have this.

It’s meant to work but is broken at the moment. Workaround is here: Companion app - no notifications on Android - #7 by Dave_ZPCMR

Thanks! that works.

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Google Pixel 4 5G here. The Android version of the Companion app actually have the reminder/calendar integration built right in, except you’ll have to know where to dig.

First you’ll have to setup the default behavior (or not, the first time you do step 3 below you can select to save behavior as default)

The when you signed up for an event you can select the timer icon:

and you’ll be prompted the option to set mobile reminder, or add to calender with reminder:

One caveat, with Google Calendar integration you’ll only able to add to your “main calender,” so if you’re like me that have different calenders for different items, you’ll have to manually change it in the Google Calendar app yourself, or set the “Zwift calender” as default.