Calculate FTHR during FTP tests

FTHR is your average heart rate during the 20 mins you’re doing the test portion of an FTP test, and is used to accurately set heart rate zones - see here for more info:–What-to-expect-from-your-Threshold-Tests–0

If you do a Zwift FTP test while riding with a heart rate monitor, it would be trivial for Zwift to tell your your FTHR at the same time as your FTP.

Could you please implement this ASAP? Pretty please?

Yes, please. I fully agree. Not only power is vital info, also HR is crucial. The two combined is the best. In TrainerRoad they calculate both FTP as FTHR in the FTP-test.

I agree, it would be useful when IRL as I don’t have a power meter and an approximate correlation against the training zones on zwift would be very useful


+1 be great feature to have - please update this when it’s implemented thx