Max HR Workout test

We have the FTP tests already, but I’m not seeing anything that can test my max HR or establish what my HR zones should be.  Any plans to implement that?

+1 for this

As an add to this it would be nice to customize your power zones and HR zones.

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I guess defining your heart rate zones is far more complicated than calculate an FTP. Calculating the your anaerobic should be doable, but defining your zones would be a wild guess.

For the max HR-test: just join a ride that’s far too fast for you?

Surely this is as simple as calculating FTHR during FTP tests?

FTHR is your average heart rate during the 20 mins you’re doing the test portion of an FTP test, and is used to accurately set heart rate zones - see here for more info:–What-to-expect-from-your-Threshold-Tests–0

If you do a Zwift FTP test while riding with a heart rate monitor, it would be trivial for Zwift to tell your your FTHR at the same time as your FTP.

Zwift - could you please implement this ASAP? Pretty please?


I too am interested in an FTHR test but I think I understand why it isn’t available. FTP is a nice yardstick and training tool while FTHR has some health implications that are critical to older people like my self with chronic heart health issues and also to elite athletes like JIm Fixx who had terminal heart defects of which they were not aware. Also, I do not believe they are simply or intrinsically linked. A doctor who occasionally presents on GCN said as much on a recent show,

At any rate there are probably liability issues that Zwift is (wisely) not interested in testing. XD