Calcaute FTP from data in Ramp test files or number of stars completed

I recently completed the FTP Ramp test, before noting what the FTP result was I accidentally dragged the FTP slider when starting another workout.

Is there a way I can calculate or figure out my FTP from the data in the Ramp test fit file, the 14*s of 30, or any of the various peak powers (1min, 5min …) in training peaks, or anything else ?

Do you have a 20 minute power in training peaks? Use 95% of that number for your FTP.

I only made it to step 16 (so about 16 mins in). Looks like my power dropped off for that final minute too. TP calculated a 1 minute peak of 304 W.
I’ve seen that other ramp tests suggest 75% of 1 min peak is a good estimate - which would be 228 W.

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