Buyer's Remorse: Pinarello Dogma F10

Despite being a level 39 unlock, the Pinarello Dogma F10 is much slower than the previous non-TT, non-Tron record holder, the Cervelo S5. I regret not waiting for Eric’s speed test results before buying a new frame at the Drop Shop.

Don’t waste your Drops on this dog!

:rofl: Maybe I’m in the minority here but unless it makes me faster in the game, or its purely cosmetic, I don’t really see a reason to put it in the shop. Maybe they should put some victory salutes or something like that in the shop.

Well, at least you didn’t drop $13K of real money on it

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Actualy the bike you ride in game can make you faster.

Yes, the bike you ride in-game can make you faster. So, why would you want to buy a bike that makes you slower?

The DropShop should show user reviews and ratings of the equipment by verified buyers, like a well-known e-commerce site. “If I could, I’d give the Pinarello Dogma F10 zero stars.” :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I think we have a miss understanding. Even the S5 with 808/super 9 combo is slightly slower than the Tron bike so if you have the Tron bike, as many riders do, the store is kind of pointless.

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Well, you might want to buy the Zwift Safety bike for Alpe du Zwift. But aside from that, I agree. The Drop Shop is mostly pointless.

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Making the zwift safety bike the fastest bike up the Alpe is a ridiculous move in my opinion, I thought they were going to keep things real?
It’s the buffalo bike all over again
In one update they have devalued people’s efforts to earn the Tron bike by making other bikes very similar speed, upset customers who were about to level up and get a free bike, upset other customers with the disc wheel fiasco (big lack of communication here from Zwift just tell us what’s going on) other customers have spent drops and not got there goods, it’s almost as if they are trying to upset there paying customers. I’ve just cancelled my membership, going to try out the competitors, I may be back but only if they get their act together.

Forgot to mention, I spent most of my drops on a TT bike that currently can’t be selected in TT events.

I may be in the minority, but I dont bother with any of this. I want to compare myself against my previous times. Changing bikes and wheels to set a new PR isn’t really an accomplishment. For those that are racing, I can certainly understand not wanting the bike to be a handicap. I ride a steel bike in Zwift, just to be different


I have to take that back. I thought of a reason. The Buffalo with the disc wheel cracks me up. :smile:


I seem to be in this situation too, I’ve been sold a pup.

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I ride the steel a lot too, because it seems to coincide better with my IRL performance on my Domane. It ‘acts’ more realistic, in terms of watts/speed on the gradients given in Zwift.

The drop shop seems really underwhelming. Maybe it should have been stocked with stuff prior to release, because I’ve had zero reason to get anything in there. Maybe time will change that.

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