Build Me Up (12-week training plan)

After reading this topic and speaking with a few other guys I know who Zwift or SF. I think you are correct and I will be doing the other program in a few weeks and hope to get some more positive results. Maybe have my sights set a little more realistic this time lol. Glad you got a decent result front the trg also.

I’m currently into week 11 of the 12 week course. If I can give anybody any advise on this plan is don’t accept an increased ftp on any additional rides you might do or during the plan.

The first 5 weeks of the plan are relatively easy. I was thinking that my FTP maybe wrong as I wasn’t really finding it difficult.

At about week 6 of the plan they opened up the new French courses. There were a couple of rides that were races. My FTP went from 238 at the beginning of the plan to 268 after the rides. I duly accepted the increased ftp ( very pleased with myself). BIG MISTAKE!!
The rest of my training plan has been based on that increased FTP. All was going well until about week 10. I suddenly started struggling with each workout. As I said i’m now into week 11 and have already failed to complete a couple of workouts.

My confidence has taken a bit of a hit so I decided to decrease my FTP to my original figure. Although it’s still a tough effort I completed it.

I think the training plan based on your original FTP would be a correct assumption. It does get a lot harder as you go on so stick with it.

You could just adjust the Bias setting on the Companion App when you see a particularly tough ride. In your case, the range it provides would have given you the option of dropping target power by almost the amount of your FTP increase.

Regardless, good on ya for sticking with it. Its a long plan.

I didn’t realise there was that function. Just checked it out, if only I knew about the function a couple of weeks ago!! Thanks for that.

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Hi there, I’m into week 6. Tough, but hanging on! A couple of questions:
Am I supposed to do the workouts each day or take breaks in between?
Why do some workouts say “do before Sunday” or something like that, when there are four workouts to do and its only Monday or Tuesday?
Why is the order of the workouts different in the Zwift app and on the Build me up session?
I usually do a long weekend road ride on (50-60 miles) is that bad? Should I skip and rest?


Hi Sal

I’m going into week 9 so only a little ahead of you. While everyone talks about it getting serious in week 9 there’s no doubt there’s a kick in week 7 - Enjoy.

All rides for a week have to be done by the Sunday night and the moment they come up most (I think there may be a limited few that give an earlier end time) will give Sunday night as cut-off. The moment you’ve done a ride the lock-out to the next ride kicks in - in my experience the minimum is 12 hours but I think it’s longer after the harder rides. Some of the rides have quite long lock-outs e.g Bricolage In week 8 only becomes available on The Friday morning so rest is well and truly forced. I would certainly take breaks and as you’re getting into the serious part of it think about how you’ll cope with a weekend ride. I’ve stopped all road rides while I do this, really following the rests. They’re as important as the workouts. In general I do my rides Monday, Tuesday, rest Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, rest Friday and Sunday if there are 4 rides or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, or Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday if 5 rides. Depends on work and other commitments, and the rides themselves. If you are really blown after a ride, listen to your body. This is cumulative!

Order of workouts - generally I follow the order on the desktop app and this order does seem to plan less demanding workouts in between more demanding ones but occasionally I will vary it depending on how I’m feeling.

Finally, if you haven’t seen it there’s a great overview on GC Coaching.

I hope you keep enjoying it. For me I’m chuffed to be entering Phase 3, having already gained a huge amount from the coaching aspect, and touch wood, the hard work!


Craig. Thanks for taking the time to write such a thorough response. It clarifies a lot and I will follow your advice. I finished week 6 and did an additional 70 mile 4.5k ft ride on Sunday and felt very strong, but will start resting more. Thanks once more! Hope to see ya on Zwit. Ride on!

If you are interested, this is the overview of the BMU, posted by Shayne on GC Coaching’s site (creator of the BMU, in case you’d like to call names during the workouts :smiley: )

Any yes, make more use of rest days, especially during your first BMU. On the second one, you’ll have more experience to fine tune your rest periods.