Bug with personalized workouts since last update

I did the update on my Macbook pro this morning. Since then, it’s impossible to create a personalized workout, I can’t modify the pre-recorded data (watts and duration). The cursor goes from block to block without allowing me to modify. I know another person with the same problem since this update. I only use zwift for the personalized workouts so it is a big problem for me, especially with competitions coming soon… Anyone with similar issue ? Thanks !

Same with me. Cannot adjust time or wattage blocks. Can only drag and drop 5 min zones. I’m on a MacBook as well.

Possibly related to this issue reported by @Oliver_ZRace_Central ? It was marked as solved but it sounds like people are still having issues.

Seems similar, but I am able to get it to work. I can use the curser to drag values down and up along with side to side to increase duration.