Bug in Mobile link HR Display

The Map Display on Mobile Link has a bug when the Heart Rate goes to 3 digits. Below are screen captures at 95 bpm and 103 bpm. As you can see the 103 bpm wraps the 3 onto the second line and the other details are not visible. In fact, it is not the number of digits and likely just a total space permitted on the line as I noticed that 111 bpm works just fine and does not wrap. 

Paul are you on the latest version of the app. Looking at your screen shot you are not.

Should be Version 2.1.7 on Android.


Hi Gerrie. Here is another image from last night. I can confirm that I am running 2.1.7 (322) on an Android device.

That is the latest ZML app, I am sure they fixed it. I will check mine when I ride today.